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David Lloyd - AKA Dio BachIf you're wondering about the background of the site and who I am, then you've come to the right place.

I'm David Lloyd, a web fan and occasionally artist, photographer, musician and writer from Cardiff, Wales.

I one of many David Lloyds in the UK, there's more than 2400 of us on the electoral register alone. So, to give me a slightly more unique appeal and recognisable face, I go by the web name of Dio Bach.

There is a convoluted personal history as to why but I'll spare you the details except to say it's nothing to do with Ronnie James Dio, and I'm not Italian and think I'm a God. It's got Welsh origins and comes from growing up and being called, Little David by my family. That's all you need to know.

I got into the web in 1999/2000, but I was a real late starter to blogging, I didn't get going until mid 2002 when amongst people in the know, blogging was already passe. Still, I gave it a spin and enjoyed rambling on about music and films I liked, my outrage at certain things in the political sphere and generally posting links to stuff I found amusing.

The first couple of incarnations of the site I called it Dirty Dio Bach's Web Fun, which amused me but caused no end of inappropriate searches when connected with my foul-mouthed words. There's been a lot of previous versions of the site and a few different sections that have come and gone.

The first four years of this blog I was working in BBC Wales New Media, so you'll see lots of references to that. I also used to paint a lot, so you'll see stuff about my art. And there's lots of photos - I've been well into my digital photography pretty much since I got a camera back in 2002.

Currently (Feb 2007) the focus is moving towards my digital photography and web design, as they're the creative areas I mainly work in. I occasionally have a rant about politics and stupidity when I can muster the bother.

I always welcome comments and discussion, so if you see something that you feel obliged to comment about, jump right in. Don't be afraid to join in the fun, and I hope you can take something away from here that made it worth your time. If not, blah.

David Lloyd - AKA Dio Bach (Feb 2007)

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