Dio Bach's Digital Gallery

From 2003 through to 2005 I routinely put together galleries of all my digital photography. I run out of steam with this approach and stopped as it was both time consuming and unnecessary.

It's fair for me to say there were a lot of mediocre photographs included, as well as the good stuff. So, instead of leaving it all there, cluttering up the web, I have decided to take down my old galleries as of January 2007. Instead, I intend to put together some "best of" galleries in the near future. When I do, you'll be able to access them via this page.

Collected Posts Of Digital Photography

In the meantime, if you like my photographs from the blog index, and would like to see some more of them, without having to trawl the blog archive, I've collected some of my favourite photographic blog posts instead.

They are indexed below for you to visit and see some more of my work - each gallery is on it's own page.

About My Photography Techniques

I'm much more of a quick snapper than a professional photographer in my technique. Most of the photographs I post are pretty much un-tampered with and minimally processed.

They're taken from the original JPEG files, resized, unsharp-masked and auto-leveled (or not if it spoils the picture) in batches. The domain name is added and that's pretty much it. I seldom crop the images I feature on the blog - they're composed and framed in the camera.

Cutting Edge Digital Camera Technology

Not really - my first digital camera was a 1.5 megapixel Fuji camera I bought on Ebay at the latter end of 2002 for around 50. It was old, slow and built like a brick, but it got me out and shooting. In November 2003 I upgraded to a brand new 4 mega pixel Minolta Dimage F200. It's a lot faster and has the added bonus of Zoom - Everything from December 2003 has been shot with it.

I would love to one day get my hands on a digital SLR, I'm currently fancying the Canon EOS 400D - one day when I have a bit of spare cash I'll pick one up. I kind of enjoy the freedom of a hand held simple camera - so it may be kind of strange to go back to an SLR after all this time. Time will tell though.

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