Skies And Sunset May 18th 2017

After a good few days of rain and gloom, today came up trumps with a wonderfully crisp light and hazy clouds to compliment it. I love days like this, when there’s cloud and strong light, it really helps to bring things to life and make great images. I’ve been around snapping today, all shots taken on my phone, a couple via instagram and mostly straight from the phone.

This evening I did two trips out to Monknash to drop my son of for a hike at scouts. Picking him up I hit golden hour and sunset perfectly and almost made myself late by stopping on route to grab a photo in the country lane by St Donat’s. When I got to the rendevous point they were late, so I snapped some more, then we quickly stopped of at Nash Point to take a couple of photos as the last of the colour began to fade.

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