Llantwit Major Beach October 19th 2020

With the tides so low at the optimum time for a dog walk, and the light and sky so dramatic, I took the camera back to the beach two days after the previous outing with the dog to capture some more photos. It was well worth the trip. I didn’t quite hit peak low-tide, but it was well out, opening up the view and sands at the water’s edge.

I love the drama of the skies and sea around here, everything framed and held in place with the land on the other side of the water. You get a sense of the weather coming up the Bristol Channel from the west here, although today the clouds seemed to be going the opposite way, heading easterly.

There were some really dramatic clouds at one point, in a big eye shaped swirl spread out from roughly Porlock Weir on the one side to Tresillian Bay on the other. I wasn’t able to capture full effect as my lens isn’t wide enough, but you get a sense of the centre of the swirl in one of the photos.

As for the rest there’s birds, people, cliffs, water, sea-life and more. All topped off with some lovely big skies and sprinkled through a bit of post processing.

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