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I’ve had a blog online since way back in the early noughties. Over the years it grew with lots of photos, silly stuff, pointless blog waffle and frankly was starting to feel very dated and long in the tooth. There’s a lot of nonsense on there that was from a different time and frame of mind. It’s not been updated for seven years and to be honest, I’ve not felt like doing anything with it all the time since.

I do however want to get going again, on a very different footing to what was there before. I’ve been keening for a fresh start, and this is it. This new Dio Bach Blog is going to be mostly visual, less journalistic and editorial. I still take lots of photographs, and it’s mainly these that I want to share here.

The last version of the site ran on Blogger.com – a platform that went through many changes over the years and one that I’d grown out of touch with. This new one has said goodbye to that old way of doing things and moved to my online weapon of choice, WordPress. Having done a lot of stuff on WordPress in the intervening time it’s the natural platform for the new look blog, and gives me the sort of control that blogger.com never did. As a result, I’ve completely wiped out the old blog, and from here it’s day one. A complete new start.

The plan is that I’ll make specific posts on photo shoots, usually tied to a specific location. Not all the shots are meant to be amazing professional photography, I don’t deal with SLRs and technique. I like images and that’s what I’ll focus on. Visual images, laid out flat and rendered on the page. I don’t care for depth of field and professional effects, but I love light and dirty skies. Some of the images I’ll post may not be satisfying overall, but have moments within them that capture my eye, or a sense of mood that appeals to me. I’ll only post stuff that I like from what I’ve shot, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.

I’ve been getting some other older photographic and memory based stuff online elsewhere. As well as this which will have some galleries from the last 7 years since the old blog finished and a lot of new stuff as it happens, I’ve been doing some other personal stuff which stretches way back into my past. Over at Then Was I’m collecting old memories and photographs with a distinctly hyper-local feel. I’m currently trying to get my art going again, and when I do it will feature at my art blog which is here.

So, stay tuned. Stuff coming. Soon…

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