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I set up my first blog around 2003, when it was still quite a new thing and everyone who was online was getting into it. Using the then free of Google blogger.com, I set up a slowly rambling personal blog which I called Dirty Dio Bach’s Web Fun. I’m not sure why now, looking back, as it was neither dirty or much fun, but there you go, it made sense at the time.

I choose Dio Bach as my moniker because even back then, it was impossible to get logins for my name. David as a username was long gone on every service I tried! In school friends used to call me Dai or Dai-o, as Welsh kids are want to do with friends who’s name is David.

As a child I grew up at my gran’s house when my uncle was also called David, so as you can imagine calling for David would end up with two of us coming, had it not been for the fact that they called him Big David and me Little David. From the kitchen my nan would often shout for us to get our food, and I knew it was my time when Little David was yelled out.

At some point I had the idea to mash-up the Welsh for little, which is Bach, and my old school yard nickname, Dai. I should have gone with Dai Bach, but instead went to Dio, as that was a name often seen on arcade high score tables around our neck of the woods. Not realising at the time it could be pronounced Dee-o as in Ronnie James Dio, I had to add a strap line confirming the correct pronunciation, as in Die-o. Done phonetically the correct pronucation of the full Dio Bach is Die-O Back.

As to why I’ve stuck with it, well, it’s embedded in everything now so it’s hard to avoid. Also, it’s a nice short .com domain name, and one that short and snappy is hard to come-by these days. Normally though, in real life, I’m happy to go by the original name, David. However, there’s still thousands of David Lloyds out there, so to differentiate myself I’m going with my initials, W. J. to try and stand-out from the rest. It’s not that I have an inflated sense of worth, it’s out of necessity!

I really haven’t been feeling the need to ‘blog’ for the best part of a decade, and the old style site’s content just felt outdated and pointless. I enjoy taking photos, I enjoy sharing my photos, so this will be the thrust going forward. There’ll be the odd bit of personal news and self-promotion of course, but I’m not here to moan about the state of the world, there’s enough of that around to spare these days and I don’t want to add to the pointless noise.

Stay tuned, I’ll dig out some old stuff that is worthy of a repost, and share some newer stuff and what not as time goes on. It won’t be updated too frequently, so grab the RSS to catch updates when they happen, or follow on facebook as I usual share my posts there too.

David W. J. Lloyd,

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