2003 – 2016

Ok, so the homepage says this site was founded in 2003 and maybe you’re wondering where all those old posts are gone to? Well, the simple answer is, they’re gone, I took the decision to remove all the old content from the site and start afresh in April 2017. A lot has changed since then, and for me the only way to move forward was to say goodbye to the thousands of old photos and hundreds of old posts about stuff that no longer seemed relevant or to signify anything but a different time.

You might find some of the old stuff on The Way Back Machine if you’re desperate to dig up some dirt on me. The blog was originally at blogspot.com then moved to the diobach.com domain, but still powered by blogger the last time I used it. I posted fairly regular for a good few years, and made some good internet friends via the site. Things ground to a halt around 2010 when I made my last posts on the blog. Then blogger.com moved on and I’d lost touch, and besides my old blog I wrote at different sites about different things. I had lost the will to update the old site any more.

I always enjoyed shoving photos up, but social media platforms took over my main online life and the blog fell into disrepair and disuse. I’ve been posting photos regularly on Facebook for years, but not in the quantities I used to on the blog. For me that’s not been as satisfying as having my own site where any one can roll up and click around. With that in mind, I decided the time was right to start again and this is the site.

So, if you’re wondering where those intervening years went, the simple answer is into an archive on my computer. I’m sure there’s traces of it all around the web, but from here on in, it’s new stuff. Some of the old stuff was requested by people for books and websites, and I was happy to oblige, but it’s time to find some new stuff. I hope you enjoy the new look and new content. Below you can see some screengrabs of the old site over the years…

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