Cardiff Bay Beach Visit – August 23rd 2018

We’ve been regular visitors to the Cardiff Bay Beach over the years. For the first time since we started going, the beach has moved to a new location down on the edge of the Cardiff Bay Barrage. I’m not sure if it’s a permanent move, or just a one-off due to the Eisteddfod having been held at its usual location this year.

Personally, I hope it’s a permanent move as it was much better than usual this year with more rides over a larger area, which is a good thing. As it stands it has outshone our nearby neighbor Barry Island’s current fair, which is not hard given its shabby and thrown-together current state. It may be a bit quieter due to its distance from the car-parks and main thrust of the bay, but the extra space is well worth it, I think.

Anyway, down to business. The light wasn’t great and the sky was mostly quite dull, which seems to be the norm for the days we do visit the Cardiff Bay Beach (in fact last year it hammered down – link). There were several notable new additions to the usual roster of rides, and some impressively big side stalls to blow the money on. Here’s some shots from the day, starting over at the Roath Basin before we walked to the fair.

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