Crabbing At East Aberthaw Beach

My son and I enjoy crabbing – every holiday by the sea we’ll often end up dangling bags of bait into the sea to catch the little critters. We take great care to not harm them, they go into buckets and are emptied back out before they can become over-crowded. They get some feed, a different perspective on life and a break from their usual habitat and are then returned as we found them.

Despite having lived close to the sea here in Llantwit Major the last 4 and a half years, we’d not been crabbing locally, saving it for holidays. After our trip up north in April, I asked around locally for some good locations to carry on our holiday pastime, and the beach at East Aberthaw came up time and time again as a place to go.

We’ve been a number of times since. First time we caught nothing, second time a few, but since then we’ve found the good spots and have been well into double figures the last few visits. It’s a great place to shoot photos too, a strange mix of seaside, industrial, nature reserve, salt-marsh and sand dunes, all topped off with a great view across the Severn to Minehead and the north Devon coast. Here’s a few nice shots from our last couple of visits.

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