Wintry Llantwit Beach, December 27th 2017

To stave off some of the post-Christmas lethargy today, I took a quick trip to the beach with Elis to take some photos. He’s doing photography in school as part of his GCSE and likes to go off and shoot photographs for his course, so with the lovely light today it felt a crime not to go out and take advantage of it.

It was busy down there today, so apparently, everyone else had the same idea as us! It started off sunny, but a bank of cloud rolled across the sun which meant there were some atmospheric shots to be taken. There was snow on the hills on the other side of the channel as well following a bit of snow last night. I put the zoom to use, as you’ll see in a few of the shots and was pleased to be able to pick out the Lynmouth Foreland Lighthouse which is some 19 miles away from us, albeit very blurrily.

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