Cardiff’s New Year’s Eve Fair 2017 Into 2018

We spent some time yesterday at the New Year’s Eve Fair that set up around Cardiff’s City Hall and The National Museum. The streets around the National Museum and City Hall host a temporary fun fair as part of the New Year celebrations, alongside the Winter Wonderland. We’ve been a few times over the years as the kids love it. I also like the photo-opportunities and the chance to grab some snaps of rides and hyper-lighting around the event.

As well as photographs, the last couple of years I’ve also shot a bit of video on the camera and put it together quickly for the fun of it. You can see the footage from New Year’s Eve 2017 below, which provides glimpses of the sights and sounds of the day.

As for the photographs, we got there just as big shower clouds rolled in, and golden hour was getting into full swing. This gave some fantastic lighting contrasts and colourful skyscapes. Once the sun had set, there were more shots to be had around the place. We had a couple of hours around the place enjoying the rides and then headed off home about 8pm before things got busy. One day we might actually stay to see the fireworks at midnight, but at my age, getting home and enjoying a relax in my pyjamas is good enough for me! I hope everyone has a good 2018, all the best for the coming year.

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