Dunraven Beach And Devon Golden Hour Views

Last Wednesday I took a trip to Dunraven Bay (aka Southerndown Beach) just as the sun was beginning to set. It was a lovely evening, warm and with clear skies and warm light as the twilight progressed. I was there to pick up my son who was there with friends, and whilst I waited for them, I had my camera with me and started snapping some, being both interested in this side and the view across the Severn.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always looking out to the Exmoor coast in England with a wistful desire to be over there. This time of year the view can be hazy and not crisp so I was pleased when I got there to be able to distinctly see landmarks on the other side really well. The most noticeable is the Lynmouth Foreland Lighthouse on Foreland Point and a number of houses in Lynton.

The lighthouse is the landmark I use to orientate myself from this side, that and the big white tent at Minehead Butlins down the coast the other way. Normally it’s much further down the Devon coast from my usual vantage point in Llantwit Major, but traveling westwards to Southerndown brings it a lot closer in view. With a little bit of photo manipulation magic, as you’ll see in the one photo, it scrubs up well!

The rest are various stages of sunset and golden hour light. Been a few nice ones recently, and once we’d finished at home there was more waiting as the last stages of sunset lit up the sky over Llantwit Major as well. Happy days!

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