Crabbing At Barry Island, Caught A Great Sunset

Last night me and the eldest went out to Barry Island to try crabbing off the breakwater. We normally go to East Aberthaw to catch the little critters (who get a feed and re-released into the wild) but fancied a change of scenery. I’d wondered previously if the breakwater at Barry Island might be a good place to try, with the tide in, so we went to give it a go.

We tried off both sides of the breakwater, but sadly caught nothing there. Not sure if there are normally crabs in that location, but they were very absent last night. However, as we waiting for them to take the bait, we were treated to a wonderful light display as the sun slowly set behind the clouds over Cold Knap.

Undeterred, we moved down Friar’s Point to try and go off the cliffs. The tide was high so we weren’t quite aware how much rock was still under water whilst we threw our gear in. Needless to say, both my line and Elis’ drop basket eventually got stuck in the rocks, and we had to wait for the tide to sink lower before we were able to retrieve them safely. Prior to them getting stuck we did strike crab, and post removing we got some too.

All in all though, happy we managed to catch a couple of little shore crab, but given the risks of snagging lines, it’s not a great place to crab. Think we’ll be back to Aberthaw next time. Still we had a wonderful display of light and cloud as the sun disappeared, that more than made up for everything. Here’s a few selected shots from the night, quite a bit of processing having gone into them.

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