Cloudy Day At Talybont Reservoir

At the weekend we made a break for the mountains for a change of scenery and headed off to Talybont Reservoir, at the northern end of the Brecon Beacons. I don’t think we’ve been there before, our usual reservoir of choice is the Garwnant Reservoir at the southern edge of the Beacons, and its wonderful visitor centre. There was no such luxury at Talybont (that I spotted) but that didn’t stop there being lots of visitors around the area.

We took the dog up for a walk around on the strength of a recommendation from a dog-walking site. There is a path around the reservoir, but I suspect the recent lockdown has meant it’s not been well tended this year, as it was very overgrown. Alternating between the edge of the reservoir (which presumably would be under water at other times of the year) and the forest around the edge, we trekked a part of the way along and stopped for a while in a quiet spot.

The weather wasn’t great, very overcast with spots of rain, but the scenery was well worth the visit. There’s some nice little places around there that we’ll no doubt go back and visit again at some point in the future. I took a number of photos, which you can see are fairly flat with the dull lighting and skies, but there’s a few nice shots after a bit of a fiddle. Well worth a visit of you like that kind of thing, just remember to take a packed lunch as there’s not much else there!

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