Cowbridge Farm Shop and St Brides Major Common

Yesterday we took a trip out to Cowbridge Farm Shop. With us being restricted to the Vale of Glamorgan with the ongoing Coronavirus restrictions, we’re spoilt for Pumpkin Picking (4 big ones that I know of). Having had groceries from Cowbridge Farm Shop we decided to give that one a go. It’s a lovely location outside the town itself, surrounded buy lush green fields and big rolling skies.

It’s not the biggest patch I’ve visited, but it was big enough for us to spend an hour and get some nice pictures, as well as some nice grub from the farm shop. Unsurprisingly, all my photos from the trip are full of wonderful pumpkins. Once we’d purchased ours, we took a quick run down to St Brides Major where we went up on the common for a wander with the dog.

I’ve not walked up there before, so was nice to find a big open area to walk around, with some lovely views up to the Beacons and Valleys. Lots of great scenery up there, with twisted bushes and shrubs, all highlighted by some wonderfully golden October light. I suspect we will return there at some point in the future.

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